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Xcar  What is XCAR?

XCAR, precisely removing scars and wrinkles

This is a technique that directly injects CO2 gas of therapeutic use into subcutaneous tissue through using a very small needle. This treatment helps to rebuild skin around scars, wrinkles and stretch marks. Through the injected gases, you can enjoy the dual effect of restoring your damaged skin tissues by promoting collagen formation in the skin, and increasing oxygenated blood flow to the region being injected. A tank of CO2 gas that is connected by plastic tubing to a flow-regulator and the gas emerges from this flow-regulator. The speed and amount of the gas can be customized according to the individuals’ facial shape, and type and severity of scars. Even around thin skin and skin close to bones can be treated safely. Satisfaction among patients concerning results is very high.


Surgery Duration 30 min~1 hours Anesthesia Sedation or local anesthesia
Hospitalization Not required Removal of stitches Not required
Number of postoperative visits 1~2 times Recovery Period Return to normal life after the operation


Xcar XCAR is recommended for

01  Those who want to restore damaged skin such as acne scars

02  Those who want to remove stretch marks that are developed during growth spurts and during pregnancy

03  Those who want to diminish wrinkles on areas, including the neck, where it’s impossible to correct wrinkles or folds using conventional treatments

04  Those who want to rejuvenate their overall skin elasticity


Xcar Effects of JW’s XCAR

01  Reducing deep folds through non-surgical treatment

02  Facial reduction effect

03  Creating a charismatic facial image

04  Applicable to various areas of your body

05  Effectively removing wrinkles around your neck, which may be difficult to correct the folds using conventional treatments, by customized treatment on the shape and form of damaged skin

06  Enhancing healthy and skin elasticity by promoting collagen resynthesis

07  Removing stretch marks and scars, and loosening damaged or knotted skin tissue


※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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