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V-line Surgery


V-line Surgery What is V-line Surgery?

V-line Surgery that creates a beautiful and natural-looking V-shaped face

An overdeveloped lower jaw or a square jaw is generally associated with masculinity and makes your face look big and fierce.
By correcting a square jaw, you can attain a smaller and more beautiful face. In addition, your face will feature gentle contours and your neck will look much longer.

JW’s V-line Surgery creates the best face shape for you by considering your jawline, its shape, and length, instead of simply cutting the jawbone.


Surgery Duration Approx. 1 hour Anesthesia General anesthesia
Hospitalization A day after the operation Removal of stitches 1~2 weeks after the operation
Number of postoperative visits 2~3 times Recovery Period Able to return to daily activity within
1 week after operation

V-line Surgery We recommend V-line Surgery to the following people!

  • 01 Those who want a better facial shape from any angle
  • 02 Those who have a wide and round lower jaw
  • 03 Those who have a flat lower jaw
  • 04 Those who have a long jaw or an asymmetric jaw
  • 05 Those who have a square jaw


V-line Surgery General square jaw reduction vs JW’s V-line Surgery

General square jaw reduction

General square jaw reduction only cuts the edges of a square jaw, the so-called mandibular angles. This operation smoothes and slenderizes the lower jaw shape from the side, but you cannot expect significant effects for a full face.As it solely reshapes the angles under the ears, other facial angles may occur after an operation. If the jawbone is excessively removed, the jaw may be transformed into a so-called dog jaw. In severe cases, it may cause nerve damage.


JW’s V-line Surgery

We create a beautiful jaw line by cutting the jawbone from the mandibular angles to the front, maintaining natural curves.
JW’s V-line Surgery finds the best face shape for you and makes your face look much smaller both from the front and side.
(V-line square jaw reduction contains long-curve square jaw reduction, cortex ostectomy and masseter muscle reduction.)


V-line Surgery

V-line Surgery The features of JW’s V-line Surgery, Why JW’s V-line Surgery?

1. One-on-one V-line Surgery   Considering the patient’s jaw shape, size and health conditions, we may apply ostectomy or remove muscles and fat if necessary.

2. Smooth V-shaped face without angles   Although there are numerous ways for square jaw ostectomy, we use long-curve ostectomy to prevent other angles. Using this method, we create a smooth and beautiful jaw shape.

3. A wealth of experience and expertise   All operations are performed by JW’s medical professionals specialized in facial bone contouring surgery.

4. No scars! Minimized bruises and swelling!   We make a small incision inside the mouth so that the scar cannot be seen. Since we reshape a jawline without ostectomy to minimize swelling, bruises, and pain, you can return to your normal life.

5. Safe and systematic cooperative system   For safe V-line Surgery, JW’s medical professionals provide one-on-one care service encompassing pre-operative care and post-operative management.


V-line Surgery The features of JW’s V-line Surgery

We create a beautiful jaw line by combining V-line Surgery with long-curve square jaw ostectomy, T-ostectomy, cortex ostectomy, or muscle reduction, considering the patient’s facial bones.


V-line Surgery


01 Long-curve square jaw ostectomy

Long-curve square jaw ostectomy is an operation that cuts the lower jaw in a long curve from the under-ear part to the mouth corner. This operation changes a square lower jaw to a smooth and beautiful jawline both at the front and side. V-line Surgery is applicable to those whose jaw is severely asymmetric.


V-line Surgery
Type Long-curve square jaw ostectomy Mandibular angles ostectomy
Surgical sites The jawbone is cut from the angular parts under the ears to the corners of the mouth. The angular parts under the ears are removed.
Scar Incisions are made inside the mouth so that the scars cannot be seen. Incisions are made behind the ears and the scars are visible.
Effects A slim and beautiful face shape both at the front and the side. A slim jawline from the side.
Jawline A smooth V-shaped jawline without any angles Additional angles may be generated.


02 T-shaped ostectomy

T-shaped ostectomy is generally applied to those who have a wide square jaw. The front jawbone is cut in a T-shape and tightened inwards. T-shaped ostectomy that reduces the width of the jaw is effective for creating a slim and beautiful V-shaped jawline.


V-line Surgery

03 Outer cortex ostectomy

Human bones consist of three layers: outer cortical bone, cancellous bone, and inner cortical bone. Generally, cortical bones refer to the hardest bone structure, the so-called outer cortical bones. By only cutting the outer cortical bone layer, we can create a beautiful face shape.

As you would peel a thick banana skin, we cut the outer cortical bone to create a slim jawline.
Although the outer cortical bone is only cut about 2mm, it makes a big difference on a full face.
If the patient has overdeveloped muscles or fat, they need to be removed as well for better effects.
If cortical bones adjacent to the skin are not properly cut, the patient may experience side effects such as uneven skin or other angles on the face. Therefore, outer cortex ostectomy should be performed by experienced specialists with extensive experience.


V-line Surgery

04 Masseter muscle reduction

We can decrease the number of muscle cells, instead of reducing their size, by radiating high frequency with a micro syringe. The degraded muscle cells will never be regenerated.
In particular, those who have overdeveloped masticatory muscles can enjoy noticeable effects.


V-line Surgery
※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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