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    Safety in “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea”

    Why You should choose “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea” 



    Even the best doctor cannot be an expert in every area of plastic surgery. JW provides customized consultation with board certified specialists, full of professional experience and years of medical training. We offer the best medical system in Korea by participating in both domestic and international medical conferences and seminars every year and conducting training programs for international medical professionals.


    • Specialized Plastic Surgery Centers
      Facial Contouring Center, Breast Surgery Center, Anti-aging Center, Eye Surgery Center, Nose Surgery Center, Non-invasive Treatment Center, Body Contouring Center, Hair Transplantation Center
    • Safe Anesthesia Center
      Full-time anesthesiologist, pain management specialist, and 24/7 nurse team







    JW surgeons plan and perform surgery after scientific diagnosis, accurate and delicate design under safety using JW’s cutting edge digital image equipment and medical system.

    • 3 Digital Panoramic CT
      – Highest in resolution and size 3D CT available
      – High-tech 3D scans for facial bone, structure, and nerve line
      – ‘Pulse Type’ to minimize exposure to radiation


    • 3D Virtual Surgery
      – Virtual simulation system to enhance the understanding of surgery and find the most suitable surgical method


    • Digital X-ray


    • Ultrasound imaging technique to screen breast precisely 


    Each specialized surgeon in each surgery will see you individually at consultations to finalize your surgical plan. The surgeons you see at consultations perform your surgery from A to Z.  NO SHADOW DOCTOR in JW.

    (This is one of the reasons that booking consultations and surgeries in JW is not as easy as other clinics because We pay high attention to each patient from consultation to surgery )







    1. JW surgeons perform only 3 surgeries a day maximum to concentrate on each patient for the best results.
    2. Backup system that can immediately handle any sort of emergency situation.
    3. Full-time board certified anesthesiologist that consistently checks your condition during surgery with a monitoring system.
    4. Equipped with Automated External Defibrillator, Endtidal CO2 monitoring, Dantrolene medicine for malignant high fever and pressure censor anesthesia machine.
    5. Special Pain control system ( PCA. LMA )



    Safe Surgery Care in “JW”


    JW’s priority is “SAFETY”




    1. No Shadow Doctors are allowed in

    “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea”.





    2. In-house Anesthesiologist Specialist

    will take care of your anesthesia during the whole surgery.





    3. Constant monitoring during plastic surgery.







    4. Possession of Dantrolen for patients who have malignant hyperthermia just in case.






    5. Sterilization is very important process to avoid even minor infection rate





    Recovery room care


    1. Nurses’s frequent checkups during recovery to check patients’ condition.
    2. Various monitoring system in rooms to continuously screen patient’s body condition.
    3. Pain killing system that eases patients’ anxiety during and after recovery.



    Treatment & Check-ups


    1. Surgeon who did your surgery will have check-ups with you.
    2. Proper post-operative care is essential to maintain the best condition and to avoid possible complications.





    ※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case