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REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty

Rewind Lower blepharoplasty

Wide Nose Bridge What is REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty ?

Incision Lower blepharoplasty offers you with a bright eye shape and baby-face at one time


Through aging, the skin of eyelids becomes thin and the muscles around the eyes are loosened. Less elastic skin under the eyes starts to become saggy and creates creases.
The layer, covering the fat pad inside the skin under the eyes, starts to lose its supporting capacity and the fat leaks from the layer.
This bulging fat builds dark circles around the eyes regardless of a patient’s age. The combination of saggy skin under the eyes and the dark circles cause a person to look older than his/her own age and make the person appear to be worried.

JW’s REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty is a mixed lower blepharoplasty that accompanies transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty and cheek lift.

We recommend REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty for:

  • Under-eye skin is sagging and have bulging fat
  • Those who want to create under-eye love bands
  • Those who want to remove smile lines and saggy cheeks
  • Those who want to rejuvenate overall youth on his/her face
  • Those who want to look young without change of facial image 
Surgery Duration  1 hour ~ 2hours Anesthesia  Sedation
Hospitalization  Not Required Removal of stitches  5 ~ 7 days after the operation
Number of postoperative visits  2~3 times Recovery Period  Return to normal life 2~3 days after operation


Wide Nose Bridge JW’s REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty expertise KNOW-HOW

  •  Performing customized individual operation

We conduct transconjunctival fat removal and transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning according to individuals’ wrinkle condition

  • Perfect baby face effect

By receiving cheek lift at the same time, facial wrinkles would be reduced and a more youthful face can be completed.

  • Safe operations

JW tries our best to provide a safer operation and the best results to each patient based on our extensive history of surgical experiences and refined expertise.

  • Functional concerns would also be solved

This surgery can additionally reduce dark circles.

  • Natural-looking baby face

We pull the saggy muscles upwards along with the skin under the eyes and recover one’s original under-eye love bands, thus enabling a final facial look that is surprisingly natural.

  • Efforts to yield the best effects

For the best effects, JW conducts Rewind lower blepharoplasty and cheek lift together.


※ You are required to pay special attention to yourself in order to care for any complications, including bleeding, inflammation and infection, following the operation.

Wide Nose Bridge Self-Diagnosis of the aging process below the eyes

  •  Process of Sagging skin below the eyes

(Due to gravity skin where it attached on the bones started to loosen)
  • Decreasing of volume effect

(Soft tissue started to decrease due to the aging and makes your below the eyes look sunken)

  • Bulging fat

(Congenital excessive under-eye fat or weak under-eye structure may push the under-eye bags forward, which results in shadows under the eyes. This symptom can be improved through fat removal or repositioning.)

  • Mid-facial Sagging

(Below the eyes are closely connected with midface. Once there are showing of aging on the eyes it will spread out to midface as well)

  • Creating of Lacrimal groove

(The lacrimal grooves are seen as being darkish under the thin under-eye skin. Being combined with the color of the muscles and the under-eye hollows, it looks blackish red)

  • Loosing of Loveband

(Loosing of loveband due to decreasing of volume effect below the eyes)


Wide Nose Bridge What is REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty?

Rewind Lower blepharoplasty
Development of Lower Blepharoplasty methods Operation methods Effect
1st generation Rewind Lower blepharoplasty Only saggy skin and bulging fat are removed Under-eye wrinkles reduction, Improvement of bulging fat under the eyes, flatten of bulging fat under the eye
2nd generation Rewind Lower blepharoplasty The saggy skin removal and transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning Supplement of 1st generation lower blepharoplasty to preserve of soft tissue or love band to give move beautiful shapes of love band under the eyes
3rd generation Rewind Lower blepharoplasty Under-eye wrinkles reduction, transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning and droopy cheek lift and Revitalized youthful face by under-eye wrinkles reduction, transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning and droopy cheek lift 2nd generation lower blepharoplasty + performing of midfacial lifting near the under eye line to improve and adjust of changes of midfacial area.
4th generation Rewind Lower blepharoplasty 3rd generation Lower Blepharoplasty + Lateral angle of eye pexis 3rd generation Lower Blepharoplasty + Lateral angle of eye pexis to make better shapes of loosen skin and skin tensioning due to the aging

Wide Nose Bridge Self-diagnosis to have better 1:1 customized professional surgery before operation

1. Self-diagnosis to have most satisfactory results

Analysis your personal eyes characteristics, through this you will earn most satisfaction from the operation.


Rewind Lower blepharoplasty


Amount of sagging skin under the eyes

Amount of peeling off skins could be changed depends on the condition of sagging skin




Rewind Lower blepharoplasty


Status checking of upper eyelid skin groove

When there are showing of upper eyelid skin grooves, fats under the eyes must be preserved during the operation to less showing of upper eyelid skin groove.



Rewind Lower blepharoplasty

Level of protruding eye

To have more dimensional effect of an eye, there are need of fixation of muscles to bones but fixed point can be changed depends on the level of protrusion



Rewind Lower blepharoplasty


Amount of bulging fat

Need of fat repositioning if there are much fats to be repositioned or bulging but operation methods need to be changed depends on the amount of fat



Rewind Lower blepharoplasty


Lacrimal groove

grooves under the eye or eye bag



 Rewind Lower blepharoplasty
Amount of protruding zygoma (cheekbone)

Fat removal has to be minimal if there is protruding zygoma (cheekbone) and operation plans can be changed depends on the amount of protrusion zygoma

2. Pre-operation diagnoses to prevent retraction after lower blepharoplasty

Rewind Lower blepharoplastyBy using the thumb and index finger we will pinch the skin and Orbicularis oculi muscle which is attached to it, and at the same time make a patient close the eyes hard. Then we can determine a level of the skin or lower eyelids relaxation by seeing how much adhesion between lower eyelid skin and orbicularis oculi muscle is. We, also, can examine the elasticity of the lower eyelid by checking the speed of going back to the original position when we pull the lower eyelid from the eyeball and release.

Method of REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty

Rewind Lower blepharoplasty

STEP 01.  Make an incision below the eyes related to the surgery plan

STEP 02.  Peeling of skin tissue during the operation to minimalizing the soft tissue under the eyes, muscles, and damaging the nerves

STEP 03.  Have to minimize the fat removal and fat repositioning related to own personal face characteristics

Rewind Lower blepharoplasty

STEP 04.  Distributed fats near the mid part has to be lift up to be positioned on the right spot

STEP 05.  Lower eyelid line has to be curved following the original shape of an eye and position to side back of an eye

STEP 06. Suture the incision area.(Beautiful and Younger look appearance eyes)





Wide Nose Bridge Comparison of conventional Lower Blepharoplasty versus REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty



Wide Nose Bridge JW’s Specialty of REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty

JW’s Rewind Incision lower blepharoplasty is different from conventional lower blepharoplasty. Under-eye wrinkles can be reduced by fat repositioning, front facial wrinkles can be reduced by saggy cheek lift, one’s original under-eye love bands can be recovered by pulling saggy muscles under eyelids. This surgery allows for excellent reduction of dark circles as well.

  • 01Removal of saggy and droopy under-eye wrinkles.
  • 02Convincing baby-face effect by under-eye fat removal, fat repositioning and droopy cheek lift.
  • 03Recovery of one’s original under-eye love bands.

Wide Nose Bridge Medical professionals of JW Eye Surgery Center

Medical professionals of JW’s Eye Surgery Center who possess over 18 years of experience and know-how

Our well-experienced and skilled medical professionals of JW Eye Surgery Center are endeavoring to provide quality medical services specialized in eye surgery.

Wide Nose Bridge Cautions before Eye surgery


01. You must stop eating any food at least four hours before an operation.

02. You must stop taking any medications that might disturb hemostasis (oral contraceptive pills, hormonal drugs, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) at least one week before an operation. If you are currently receiving treatment for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid disease, you must inform your doctor in advance.

03. Cigarettes may cause phlegm, sneezing, or bleeding after an operation. We strongly recommend that you stop smoking for two weeks before an operation.

04. A serious cold may reduce your trachea and respiratory functions. Please inform your doctor in advance if you happen to be suffering from a serious cold on the day of surgery.

05. Bring clothing you can easily change into without irritating the surgical sites, such as a shirt or a big T-shirt.

06. We recommend that you take a bath and wash your head on the day before an operation. You must remove makeup and wash your teeth on the day of surgery. In addition, you must remove your contact lenses, any accessories, nail polish, and pedicure.



Wide Nose Bridge Cautions after Eye surgery


01. You can wash your face with water from the day after the stitches are removed. You may take a shower but should refrain from using a sauna or a public bath.

02. You must take the medications on time as prescribed by a physician and refrain from taking aspirin or hormonal drugs.

03. Refrain from smoking or drinking, which may delay your recovery, for at least four weeks after an operation.

04. Apply an ice pack on the surgical site for the first three days. Then, apply a warm pack on the site for two to three days. Placing the surgical sites on a higher position than your heart helps to reduce swelling. Refrain from drinking water before you go to sleep to prevent swelling.

05. As each individual has different health conditions, bruising or swelling may disappear at different rates. Please allow time until bruising or swelling disappears.




※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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