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Plastic surgery using prosthesis

Plastic surgery using prosthesis  

Plastic surgery using prosthesis  What is plastic surgery using prosthesis?

Plastic surgery using prosthesis that creates a beautiful face shape


01  Forehead contouring surgery 

Even though you have beautiful features, you may look unsophisticated or dowdy with a flat forehead. A flat forehead breaks the balance of the face. A beautiful forehead has a gentle and smooth curve with a round shape and a proper size. Forehead contouring surgery gives you a better appearance by reshaping an uneven, narrow, or wide forehead.


02  Genioplasty 

A short chin makes the boundary between the neck and the face look indistinct and displays the awkward contours of the face.
In addition, it makes the mouth look prominent and gives you a dowdy appearance.
Genioplasty provides better balance to the facial features by lengthening a short chin.


Surgery Duration Approx. 1 hour Anesthesia Short-term sedation or general anesthesia
Hospitalization A day patient Removal of stitches 1~2 weeks after the operation
Number of postoperative visits 2~3 times Recovery Period Return to daily activity within
3~5 days after operation

Plastic surgery using prosthesis   Types and surgical methods of JW’s plastic surgery using prosthesis

1.   Forehead contouring surgery


Who needs forehead contouring surgery?

01 Those whose forehead is excessively curvy

02 Those who have a flat forehead

03 Those whose forehead look flat due to prominent brow ridges

04 Those who have undergone plastic surgery but still want to change their flat face


Plastic surgery using prosthesisPlastic surgery using prosthesis



Autoplasty is suitable for those whose forehead is not excessively flat or has some hollows. We collect fat from the thighs or abdomen and graft it into the forehead after separating pure fat through centrifugation. We inject a very small amount of fat into multiple layers to maintain a constant absorption rate and prevent the formation of depressions. As micro fat cells are injected, autoplasty causes few side effects. In autoplasty, we do not make any incision but use a syringe in order so as to not leave any scar. You can attain a beautiful and natural-looking forehead without side effects.

Forehead augmentation using prosthesis

Forehead augmentation using prosthesis is suitable for those who have an excessively flat forehead or want to make their forehead a slightly more prominent. One to two weeks before an operation, we take a plaster cast of the forehead. Based on this cast, we design a forehead shape and produce a customized silicon prosthesis. Then, we implant this prosthesis into the forehead to create a beautiful shape.
Through this procedure, you can attain a beautiful forehead permanently.


Of course, those who have a severe depression on their forehead cannot expect satisfactory results with filler. However, filler is one of the simplest procedures and you can return to normal life immediately.
You may experience swelling for two or three days after a procedure, but you can wash your face and return to your daily life immediately. Recently, Restylane is widely being used and other various long-lasting filler agents have been developed. We recommend this procedure to those who don’t have enough time for a surgical procedure.


2.   Genioplasty

Genioplasty extends or reshapes the chin by implanting prostheses such as silicon, Gore-tex, and Medora into the chin.
Genioplasty is generally applied to those whose chin is not severely short. It is performed after a local anesthesia or a sedation anesthesia.


Plastic surgery using prosthesis
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