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Special Services Only in JW

Only in JWThe SAME consultant help you from Start to Finish

The same consultant will take care of you from your first consultation to your last checkup. They know your surgery history from the beginning to end, so they’ll provide you with the essential service and help you need.


Specialized Consultants in 5 different languages


Only in JW

1:1 specialized care for international Patients


Only in JWAirport Pick-Up & Sending Service


Don’t worry about a thing! We can arrange your transportation, even after your surgery.


Only in JW


Only in JW Accurate Examination 


Our professional translators will assist you when you have your 3D CT scan, X-ray exam, and any other exam that is necessary.

Especially the Ultrasound imaging technique is able to screen breasts precisely to give the most accurate information. 

Your doctors will check all the results of each of the examinations before your surgery to make sure your health condition is okay to have surgery.

SAFETY is our top priority.




Only in JW Consistent check-ups after departure


Your consultant will follow up with you regularly and request picture after your 3-month recovery point. So they can check on your condition and how you are healing.

We have connections with hospitals in Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongol, and Indonesia in case you need additional treatment after leaving Korea.


Only in JW Real time- video recording 


We have cameras in each of our operating rooms to make sure we are providing you with the best service and the safest environment possible for your surgery



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