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Wide Nose Bridge What is Liposuction?

Liposuction surgery for achieving no flab and a stunning S-line

Slender body and charming bodyline without flab helps to instill confidence in women, so that creating and maintaining this slim and tight body becomes one of the biggest interests to women. Even among slim women at their normal weight, some of them wish to have a slimmer part of their body such as their thighs, buttocks, belly or arms.

Those who are overall obese first need to lose weight through exercise and dieting. However, if certain parts of body like the lower belly, buttocks and arms have excessive and disproportionate fat, liposuction is a useful way to create a balanced body shape. In a just a short amount of time, an appealing body figure can be sculpted.


Surgery Duration  Approx. 1~3 hours Anesthesia  Sleeping or General anesthesia
Hospitalization  0~1 day Removal of stitches  7 days after surgery
Number of postoperative visits  2-3 times Recovery Period  Return to daily activity within 1 day after operation



Liposuction is recommended for :

  • 01. Those who have excess fat in his/her overall body
  • 02. Those who have excessive fat around certain parts of their body such as their lower belly, legs or arms
  • 03. Those who haven’t received satisfactory results from exercise or dieting
  • 04. Those who want to contour their body in a short amount of time


Wide Nose Bridge  Areas of Application for Liposuction


Procedure of Liposuction
  • STEP 01  Determine the area and amount of fat to be eliminated, and mark the areas to be targeted.
  • STEP 02  Either general anesthesia or local anesthesia is performed prior to the operation. If the amount of fat to be removed is small, then local anesthesia may be performed
  • STEP 03  Make 1 or 2 tiny incisions on the surgical areas and insert a minute suction catheter to the tiny incision, and then suck out the fat.
  • STEP 04  A patient will wear either a compression bandage or girdle after the operation.




Wide Nose BridgePostoperative Recovery


Patients don’t need to be hospitalized after liposuction surgery; however, in the event that large amounts of fat were removed or when patients wish to do so, hospitalization is offered for one day. Patients should visit the hospital for outpatient care twice a week for the first week after the surgery. Outpatient care will then be conducted on the surgical area over the course of a week. Not only can patients live their daily life but also more activities or exercises are recommended, as these activities will help the patients to quicken their recovery time. The surgical incision is made in an invisible area, so patients can go back to work after couple of days following the operation. Patients should wear a compression girdle for 4-6 weeks after the surgery. The girdle helps stretched skin to shrink back to normal size. Swelling will reduce after about a week following the operation. It takes approximately 2~6 months to see the real effects of the surgery after the stretched skin shrinks and slims down. Therefore, the most effective results will appear a few months later after the surgery.



Wide Nose Bridge Postoperative Side effects

The most common problem of liposuction is uneven skin following the operation. To avoid this side effect, a Tumescent Liposuction solution is injected in the surgical area prior to the operation. This special solution prevents the skin from becoming ragged and minimizes bleeding that may occur during the surgery. Using Tumescent solution would ensure the best results of the surgery. Side effects can be avoided through using this special solution and from having the operation handled by a well-experienced surgeon.





※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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