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Lateral canthoplasty

Wide Nose Bridge  What is Canthoplasty?

Canthoplasty gives you large and gentle eyes!

Canthoplasty is divided into epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty.

Epicanthoplasty closes a wide gap between the eyes by removing the Mongolian folds and lateral canthoplasty corrects closely-set eyes.

JW’s epicanthoplasty gives your eyes a more natural look by reducing the force that pulls the inside skin of epicanthic folds. Epicanthoplasty and Lateral canthoplasty combined with blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery)  allows for your eyes to become bigger by lengthening their width. In addition, it can correct closely-set eyes and make your eyes more proportional.

Surgery Duration  30 mins~1 hour Anesthesia  Sedation or local anesthesia
Hospitalization  Not Required Removal of stitches  7 days after the operation
Number of postoperative visits  2 ~ 3 times Recovery Period  Return to normal life after removal of stitches


Wide Nose Bridge JW’s Lateral canthoplasty

Who needs Lateral canthoplasty?

  • 01. Those whose outer corner of their eyes is angled upward so that they appear to be very sharp
  • 02. Those whose outer corner of their eyes faces a left and right direction but the width of the eyes is short
  • 03. Those whose width of the eyes is narrow
  • 04. Those who want to have a larger and softer eye shape



Procedure of lateral canthoplasty

Lateral canthoplasty 2





STEP 01  Diagnose current eye condition prior to surgery and design a customized ideal eye shape.

STEP 02  Incise the minimum amount of skin and peel the skin after incising the designed area. Then firmly secure the incised areas.

STEP 03  Stitch the incised areas.

STEP 04  A large, refreshed and natural-looking eye shape is completed.


Lateral canthoplasty 3

Tip. If the outer corners of your eyes are angled upward, medial canthoplasty (downward method) can make your eyes look more gentle and soft. 

By undergoing lateral canthoplasty and lowering the outer corners of the eyes, you can have gentle and feminine eyes with a wider eye width.





Wide Nose Bridge  The golden ratio for the eyes

JW’s canthoplasty considers the balance and harmony of your face and eyes above all else.


Every patients has different skin thickness, fat volume, and other composition. Therefore, consultation with JW’s specialists is strongly recommended before undergoing eye surgery.

The size of the eye, which is the key of the golden ratio, can be divided into its width and height. The ideal width of the eyes is 30mm. It is ideal that the width of the eyes, the gap between them (roughly 30-36mm), and length of the tip lobule are equal. Beautiful eyes have pupils whose upper part is slightly covered by the eyelid and the rest (approximately 8-10mm) should be visible. In addition, the outer corners of the eyes, the outer eyebrow, and the tip lobule should be in a straight line.

Canthoplasty 2

Dual canthoplasty that considers the balance and harmony of your face and eyes above all else!

Not only does JW’s canthoplasty make your eyes bigger, but it also optimizes the harmony of your face and eyes by considering the exposure of Lacrimal lakes, the gap between the eyes, the parts covered by the epicanthal folds, and the distance between the eye brow and the outer corners of the eyes.




Wide Nose Bridge The Features of JW’s Canthoplasty


Canthoplasty 4

01. Customized surgery

Considering your own facial characteristics, we find the golden ratio of your eyes.



Canthoplasty 4

02. Dual canthoplasty

Not only do we extend the width and height of your eyes, but we also correct the inclination angles of the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Our dual canthoplasty will give you the beautiful eyes of your dreams.



Canthoplasty 4

03. Minimized scars

JW’s unique lateral canthoplasty skills keep your outer eyebrows intact. Your outer eyebrow shape will barely change and it will create natural-looking eyes.






Wide Nose Bridge  Medical professionals of JW Eye Surgery Center

Medical professionals of JW Eye Surgery Center who possess over 18 years of experience and knowhow


Our well-experienced and skilled medical professionals of JW Eye Surgery Center are endeavoring to provide quality medical services specialized in eye surgery.

Wide Nose Bridge  Cautions before Eye surgery

01. You must stop eating any food at least four hours before an operation.

02. You must stop taking any medications that might disturb hemostasis (oral contraceptive pills, hormonal drugs, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) at least one week before an operation. If you are currently receiving treatment for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid disease, you must inform your doctor in advance.

03. Cigarettes may cause phlegm, sneezing, or bleeding after an operation. We strongly recommend that you stop smoking for two weeks before an operation.

04. A serious cold may reduce your trachea and respiratory functions. Please inform your doctor in advance if you happen to be suffering from a serious cold on the day of surgery.

05. Bring clothing you can easily change into without irritating the surgical sites, such as a shirt or a big T-shirt.

06. We recommend that you take a bath and wash your head on the day before an operation. You must remove makeup and wash your teeth on the day of surgery. In addition, you must remove your contact lenses, any accessories, nail polish, and pedicure.


Wide Nose Bridge  Cautions after Eye surgery

01. You can wash your face with water from the day after the stitches are removed. You may take a shower but should refrain from using a sauna or a public bath.

02. You must take the medications on time as prescribed by a physician and refrain from taking aspirin or hormonal drugs.

03. Refrain from smoking or drinking, which may delay your recovery, for at least four weeks after an operation.

04. Apply an ice pack on the surgical site for the first three days. Then, apply a warm pack on the site for two to three days. Placing the surgical sites on a higher position than your heart helps to reduce swelling. Refrain from drinking water before you go to sleep to prevent swelling.

05. As each individual has different health conditions, bruising or swelling may disappear at different rates. Please allow time until bruising or swelling disappears.




※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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