Eye Surgery

JW Clinic in Seoul is a major plastic surgery clinic and provides the best eye surgery in Korea! Procedures include double eyelid surgery, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty and more. All procedures are executed by board-certified plastic surgery specialists. Post operation service for all eye major surgeries include the appropriate medicine (including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine and painkillers) de-swelling treatment and hair washing services. For more info, refer to the before and after pictures of all major eye surgeries. 

Testimony: Eye Surgery In Korea At JW Clinic

Xiao Qian

Double eyelid revision changed my impressions completely!

Eye Surgery Blog Posts

A Quick 1-Day Dark Circle Removal Surgery

We Can Remove Dark Circles Permanently: Quick Dark Circle Surgery The Causes of Dark Circles More and more people are concern about dark circles these days. Common causes of dark circles are: Excessive fat or lack of fat on lower eyelidsThe muscle or blood vessels are visible through the skinComplex causes from the aging process...
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Ptosis Correction Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

Ever seen someone with a sleepy-eye appearance? Did you know there is a medical term for it? Yep, Ptosis with a silent P it is. Ptosis is strictly a condition/symptom and NOT a disease marked by a drooping upper eyelid that at times can be severe enough to cover the pupil and affect vision. Ptosis...
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Before And After: Korean Eye Surgery

My eyes got much bigger by ptosis correction double eyelid surgery and my nose looks much slimmer and feminine! The big change is that my jaw line got slimmer naturally !

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