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Find the best solution for your beauty!



What is Double lift?

Double lift is a non-invasive lifting procedure with Accusculpt and thread.

Accusculpt lift is a laser that melts fat inside skin and enhances elasticity of skin.

Thread lift is inserting cogged threads into skin layer and lift the holding sagging skin and tissues.


Why do i need 2 procedures together?

After Accusculpt laser melt down the fat inside, the soft tissue gets thinner. And the area where the fat is removed becomes an empty space. If we lift that soft tissue by threads at this time, the lifted soft tissue will be attached and healed on a new upper position of the empty space. So the soft tissue gets not only thinner by accusculpt laser but lifted by threads simultaneously..

If you only aim at sagging and wrinkles on face, double lift will be enough for rejuvenation.

But if you have hollow and flat parts on your face that give you old appearance, you can add fat graft. We call it Triple lift. We collect fat from thighs or belly and inject them to sunken areas of your face. It makes your face look evenly smooth and skin look tighter

Double lift or Triple lift creates V-line shaped face by having only needle hold- size incisions for 1 hour-operation time. You can go back to your normal daily life within 3 days.


We have a promotion for double lift and triple lift until May 2018.

Double lift (accusculpt + thread lift ) is 2,000 USD.

Triple lift (accusculpt + thread lift + full face fat graft) is 3,300 USD.

The accusculpt is for one part of face. For examples, you can choose jowls or smile line or double chin to get accusculpt. If you’d like to choose more than 1 area, there is an extra charge 800 USD.



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