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HOMEV-line SurgeryMaloplasty


  • Surgery durationApprox. 1 hour
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • HospitalizationA day patient
  • Removal of stitches2 weeks after the operation
  • Number of
    postoperative visits
    2~3 times
  • Recovery periodAble to return to daily activity within
    1 week after operation
What is maloplasty?

Maloplasty that creates a small and beautiful face shape

Cheekbones are an important element that determines the contours of the face. excessively prominent cheekbones make your face look fierce and wide.
In addition, you look dark with them from the side. Many Korean people have cheekbones that are excessively protruded laterally, which make their face look much wider. Therefore, the key to success with maloplasty is how well cheekbones that are excessively protruded laterally can be corrected.

General cheekbone reduction surgery VS JW’s maloplasty

  • General cheekbone reduction surgery
  • Traditional cheekbone reduction surgery focuses on reducing the 45° cheekbones. This procedure is not effective for reducing the cheekbones laterally. It does not reduce the size of the face but makes the face look flat.
  • JW’s maloplasty
  • Through three-dimensional cheekbone reduction surgery, JW creates a small and beautiful cheekbone shape from any angle, including a full face, side view, and a 45° angle.

    Considering how much the patient’s cheekbone is protruded and the shape of his/her frontal cheekbones, 45° cheekbones, and lateral cheekbones, JW provides the most suitable operation.

Tip. Cheekbones have three-dimensional structure and every individual has different shapes of frontal cheekbones, 45° cheekbones, and lateral cheekbones. Therefore, it is important to accurately analyze and diagnose the shape and size of cheekbones through an x-ray examination before an operation.


01Two-way dual incision

A surgical method applicable to those who have cheekbones that are excessively protruded laterally

02L-shaped ostectomy and 3D rotation

03Firm pexis

We recommend maloplasty to the following people!
  • 01Those who look fierce due to prominent cheekbones
  • 02Those who have an uneven face line due to laterally prominent cheekbones
  • 03Those whose face look overly big due to having a wide face
  • 04Those who want a slim face
Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case