Filler & Botox


Filler (Petit) Correction

  • Surgery duration10분 이내
  • Anesthesia연고마취
  • Hospitalizationnot required
  • Removal of stitchesnot required
  • Number of
    postoperative visits
    not required
  • Recovery period시술 후 일상생활 가능
JW정원 필러란?

Filler (Petit) Correction builds a volumized and vivid face without surgery

Facial wrinkles are created by repetitive use of facial muscles and reduction of facial fat and these wrinkles will be removed only when you fill the gaps of the wrinkles with filler. Filler (Petit) Correction helps you to restore your volumized face.
The main substances of fillers are hyaline acid, which consists of skin and/or cartilage, and this acid is absorbed gradually into our body and very safe to use. Hyaline acid is dissolved in water and it can be removed completely by an enzyme injection, which causes the acid to melt in water.

The Filler (Petit) Correction effects are instant right after the surgical procedure and it last about 1~2 years. The treatment is surprisingly simple and it takes only about 10 minutes. You can receive this treatment during lunchtime, as it wouldn’t have side effects like swelling. Thus you can spend a short time for the procedure and be back to your home right after the treatment.

Filler surgical procedure is recommended for
  • 01 Those who are concerned about facial wrinkles such as around eyes, glabella and smile lines
  • 02 Those who want to improve any hollow areas on one’s face by pimple remains or scarring
  • 03 Those who want to make under-eye love bands
  • 04 Those who want to improve one’s nose shape by non-surgical beauty treatment
Types and Characteristics of Filler
Artefill Restylane CLEVIEL Princess


Approved by the US FDA
Safe and long-lasting permanent filler, Artefill


Artefill provides an initial volume by induction of collagen tissue and the PMMA microspheres in Artefill induces effective tissue formation. Thus the volume looks natural and lasts longer.

Artefill contains 0.3% lidocaine, which allows for a comfortable treatment
Composition of Artefill

20% by volume of PMMA microspheres 30~50㎛ in diameter

80% by volume of purified bovine collagen with weakened immune reaction

What is PMMA, Artefill’s microspheres?

  • 01 PMMA is used throughout the world as a biocomposite synthetic substance.
  • 02 The safety of PMMA has been approved on the basis of clinical trials for more than 60 years.
  • 03 PMMA particles, which are a proprietary product of Artefill, are effective with every part of one’s internal body.
  • 04 The regular particles of Artefill’s PMMA prevent foreign body reactions inside one’s body so as to allow for a safe surgical procedure.
Removal of immune reaction substances
Improved the shape of PMMA particles, which are smoother and rounder than previous versions
More consistent diameter of PMMA particles (30~50㎛)

Once the collagen inside of the filler starts to be absorbed into the body, only the microspheres of PMMA remain in the internal body and start to gradually create collagen under the dermis layer.

Special reasons why everybody loves Artefill

Artefill Other fillers
Approval by the US FDA Approved Not approved
Lasting period of effect Volume lasts for more than 5 years 2 years~3 years
Safety Approved safety by the treatments of approx. 10,000 patients in the USA according to PMS Data Not identified
Formation tissue growth Naturally creating autologous tissue withoutf any feelings of irritation Lack of formation of autologous tissue and feelings of irritation
Approval by the US FDA Approved
Lasting period of effect Volume lasts for more than 5 years
Safety Approved safety by the treatments of approx. 10,000 patients in the USA according to PMS Data
Formation tissue growth Naturally creating autologous tissue withoutf any feelings of irritation
Other fillers
Approval by the US FDA Not approved
Lasting period of effect 2 years~3 years
Safety Not identified
Formation tissue growth Lack of formation of autologous tissue and feelings of irritation


Restylane filler enhances natural volume on one’s skin and helps to regain youth and confidence about over their skin. This filler is composed of a hyaluronic acid gel, which is generated inside the human body. Thus the effect of this filler lasts long and is also safe to the human body as it is absorbent filler. Restylane is divided into 5 types according to the size of particles. Depending on one’s skin condition and treated areas, customize the best type of Restylane needed for the treatment. The functions of the filler vary as well.

Strengths of Restylane

  • 01 Excellent volume Naturally filling any sunken areas and providing wonderful volume
  • 02 Long-lasting It lasts longer than any other filler
  • 03 Natural volume The ingredient of the filler is similar to water, therefore providing less irritation
  • 04 Instant effects right after the operation Enjoy the instant effects right after the surgical procedure
  • 05 Safety The gel is absorbed naturally into human body, ensuring it being safe for use.


The smaller and finer gel particles of CLEVIEL, more than any other conventional filler, build a firmer volume of one’s face. Plus, this filler is suitable to create vivid facial shapes and lines through its consistent and fine particles. The satisfaction among patients regarding the treatment results is quite high.

Strengths of CLEVIEL

  • 01 Higher elasticity than other fillers and excellent bearing capacity
  • 02 No need to retouch
  • 03 Sophisticated procedure through use of fine particles
  • 04 Long-lasting effect
  • 05 Brilliant effects with a low amount of injection
  • 06 Rapid recovery and return to daily activity
  • 01 So much highly viscous hyaluronic acid is contained in the filler that it is known to possess the most quantity in the world among fillers.
  • 02 Less post-procedure swelling
  • 03 Fine particles allow for a sophisticated operation, resulting in high satisfaction among patients.
  • 04 Despite the low amount of injection, you can enjoy excellent effects
  • 05 Resistance to degradation
Areas of application


Hyaluronic acid is a natural element of our body so it has fewer side effects than other fillers. Hyaluronic acid is popular for use in the plastic surgery market as it combines with water to turn into a gel. Princess Filler is well-known as a forehead filler and it rejuvenate one’s face with a beautiful and natural-looking appearance by enhancing forehead volume.

Strengths of Princess

  • 01 Natural volume
  • 02 Correcting facial shape through a surprisingly simple procedure
  • 03 Long-lasting effect
  • 04 Rapid recovery and return to daily life

Princess is an injectable gel that has been developed by the Austrian company, Croma-Pharma GmbH. It features two product lines: Princess Filler and Princess Volume. Princess products are cherished around the world as they provide aesthetic treatment and create volume at the same time.

Areas of application

  • 01 Hollow forehead
  • 02 Low hairlines and narrow forehead
  • 03 Uneven forehead
  • 04 Protruding frontal arch or bulging upper eyebrow
  • 05 Glabellar lines on forehead

What does it mean to have a gorgeous forehead?

A smooth forehead without uneven areas
A high and full forehead without wrinkles
A forehead with a high and round sideline without neither bulging nor being hollow
Post-filler treatment
  • 01 Performing your daily activities including exercise are all possible again, right after the treatment.
  • 02 Please apply an ice pack around the areas of application for about 15 minutes before and after the treatment in order to minimize bruising and swelling.
  • 03 Please do not rub around the treated areas after the treatment.
  • 04 Light bruising or swelling around the treated areas will disappear 1~2 days after the treatment.
  • 05 Unfamiliar movements of facial muscles will naturally disappear 1~2 weeks after the treatment
Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case