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HOMEEye Surgerylove bands under the eye

love bands under the eye

  • Surgery duration30 mins
  • AnesthesiaShort-term sedation or local anesthesia
  • Hospitalizationnot required
  • Removal of stitches3~5 days after operation
  • Number of
    postoperative visits
    1~2 times
  • Recovery periodReturn to normal life 2~3 days after operation
What are love bands under the eye?

love bands under the eye make your eyes look more adorable.

The plump areas under the eyes consisting of the muscles around the eyes are called “love bands”. Love bands reduce the fine creases under the eyes and give you an adorable and young appearance. Those who have small love bands may look older than their actual age.
As we age, the muscles under the eyelids begin to sag and the skin loses resilience. It may cause the areas under eyelids to look empty.
If you have small love bands, you can attain bigger love bands through under-eye fat transplant, AlloDerm grafting, or filler injection.
Love bands under the eye give you an adorable, gentle, and youthful appearance.

We recommend love band surgery to the following people.
  • 01Those who want to look younger through a simple procedure
  • 02Those who have dark circles and look older than their age
  • 03Those who want to remove fine wrinkles under the eyes
  • 04Those who want to have a cute and youthful look
AlloDerm grafting

Step 01Step 02Step 03
  • STEP 01

    Diagnose your current eyes first to design the optimal love bands.

  • STEP 02

    Incise the outer under-eye part by about 5mm and peel the designed part under the skin.

  • STEP 03

    Inject customized AlloDerm and stitch the incision.

Types of love band surgery
  • 01 Alloderm Graft for love band
    Alloderm Graft is the most popular method that creates the most natural and permanent love bands. After making a small incision under the eyes, artificial skin inserted under the eyes like a thin band.
  • 02 Filler
    Filler injection is a simple method, but it does not last permanently and the filler may be seen under the skin.
JW’s love bands under the eye effects

Cuter and younger looking face with love bands under the eye
JW’s love bands under the eye

  • 01It gives off a vivacious and cute image
  • 02It makes your eyes even prettier when you smile
  • 03It leaves you with a natural and soft facial image
  • 04It adds more charm to your big and beautiful eyes
Medical professionals of JW Eye Surgery Center

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Cautions before Eye surgery
  • 01You must stop eating any food at least four hours before an operation.
  • 02You must stop taking any medications that might disturb hemostasis (oral contraceptive pills, hormonal drugs, vitamin E, aspirin, etc.) at least one week before an operation. If you are currently receiving treatment for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or thyroid disease, you must inform your doctor in advance.
  • 03Cigarettes may cause phlegm, sneezing, or bleeding after an operation. We strongly recommend that you stop smoking for two weeks before an operation.
  • 04A serious cold may reduce your trachea and respiratory functions. Please inform your doctor in advance if you happen to be suffering from a serious cold on the day of surgery.
  • 05Bring clothing you can easily change into without irritating the surgical sites, such as a shirt or a big T-shirt.
  • 06We recommend that you take a bath and wash your head on the day before an operation. You must remove makeup and wash your teeth on the day of surgery. In addition, you must remove your contact lenses, any accessories, nail polish, and pedicure.
Cautions after eye surgery
  • 01You can wash your face with water from the day after the stitches are removed. You may take a shower but should refrain from using a sauna or a public bath.
  • 02You must take the medications on time as prescribed by a physician and refrain from taking aspirin or hormonal drugs.
  • 03Refrain from smoking or drinking, which may delay your recovery, for at least four weeks after an operation.
  • 04Apply an ice pack on the surgical site for the first three days. Then, apply a warm pack on the site for two to three days. Placing the surgical sites on a higher position than your heart helps to reduce swelling. Refrain from drinking water before you go to sleep to prevent swelling.
  • 05As each individual has different health conditions, bruising or swelling may disappear at different rates. Please allow time until bruising or swelling disappears.
Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case