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Revision breast surgery

  • Surgery duration2~3 hours
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • HospitalizationNot required
  • Removal of stitchesNot required; uses surgical tape as adhesive
  • Number of
    postoperative visits
    Requires continued medical attention for 1 year
  • Recovery periodReturn to normal life after 3~4 days of operation
Revision breast surgery

Change your disappointment to satisfaction through revision breast surgery

Revision breast surgery should be performed when you are not satisfied with the results of mammoplasty such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast ptosis correction, and breast reconstruction or suffer from complications.
Revision breast surgery requires more skills and expertise than other mammoplasty. It should be performed by specialists with extensive experience.

We recommend revision breast surgery to the following people!
  • 01Those whose breasts are stiff due to capsular contracture
  • 02Those whose breast implants are damaged or transformed
  • 03Those who have asymmetrical breasts after an operation
  • 04Those who experience inflammation after an operation
  • 05Those who are not satisfied with their breast shape or size after an operation
JW’s endoscopic revision breast surgery

Change your disappointment to satisfaction through revision breast surgery

Generally, incisions are made on the areola or under the bottom line of the breasts for revision breast surgery.
Through revision breast surgery, the capsule is removed to relieve capsular contracture, the space for breast implants is extended, or the position of breast implants is corrected. Incisions on the armpits were not enough so far since this procedure requires a clear view and exquisite skills. M.D. Chul Hwan Seul of JW Plastic Surgery, as a pioneer of endoscopic breast surgery, developed numerous endoscopic methods for the first time in the world. In addition, he can make an incision under the armpits if the patient has undergone a previous operation through the armpits.

M.D. Chul Hwan Seul’s endoscopic revision breast surgery using armpit incision is one of the most difficult and latest operations, which have been receiving high praise. In numerous international conferences, many medical professionals evaluated it as an inventive and marvelous surgical technique. In addition, he can make an incision under the armpits if the patient has undergone a previous operation through the armpits.

The features of JW’s revision breast surgery using HD endoscopy
  • 01Revision breast surgery available through the traditional incisions made under the armpits
  • 02No additional scars
  • 03Inventive surgical method that won high praise from foreign specialists
  • 04Accurate surgery and rapid recovery
  • 05Inimitable surgical method

See HD breast augmentation
Revision methods by type

01Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture refers to a phenomenon when the capsule becomes abnormally thick and unnatural. If the patient experiences severe capsular contracture, the breasts may be transformed into the shape of a ball.

Surgical procedure

  • 01 Incision on capsule Applicable to minor capsular contracture
  • 02 Removal of capsule Applicable to serious capsular contracture
  • 03 Change in breast implant layer The preexisting space is closed and the breast implants are inserted into a new layer.

02Abnormal location of breast implants

A breast implant may be located in a wrong place when capsular contracture occurs or space for breast implants is not enough. Sometimes it occurs due to wrong postoperative management.

Types of abnormal breast implant location

  • 01If the upper breasts are excessively protruded due to the breast implants located too high
  • 02If the upper breasts are too flat due to the breast implants being located too low
  • 03If there are two bottom lines of the breasts due to the breast implants being located too low
  • 04If the breasts appear to be close to each other due to the breast implants being located too close
  • 05If the breasts are far from each other due to the breast implants being located too far

Surgical procedure

  • 01 Incision on capsule Extend space
  • 02 Removal of capsule Correct the location of breast implants
  • 03 Change in breast implant layer Secure new space in a new layer and insert new breast implants
  • 04 Closing Narrow excessive space

03The causes of breast asymmetry

  • 01If capsular contracture or abnormal location of a breast implant occurs on one breast or its severity differs from the other one
  • 02If the patient’s breasts were different in size and shape before an operation or if the previous operation couldn’t not correct breast asymmetry

Surgical procedure

  • 01Resolve capsular contracture
  • 02Correct the location of breast implants
  • 03Use different breast implants on each breast
  • 04Correct breast asymmetry through breast ptosis correction
Removing of capsular contracture After removed capsular contracture

04Thin tissues (Rippling phenomenon)

Thin tissues make breast implants visible and the edges of the breast implants are wrinkled. It is referred to as a rippling phenomenon.


  • 01If breast implants are inserted under thin tissues, the tissues become even thinner due to tissue expansion.
  • 02If excessively large breast implants are inserted, the tissues become thinner due to tissue expansion.


  • 01Do not use excessively big breast implants.
  • 02Through combined breast augmentation, increase thickness of tissues through fat transfer before inserting breast implants.

Surgical procedure

  • 01Fat transfer
  • 02Artificial skin graft
  • 02Create new space in a deeper layer and insert new breast implants into it.

05Unsatisfied with size

We use appropriate-sized breast implants for your satisfaction.

06Ruptured breast implants

Remove ruptured breast implants and insert new, safe, and durable breast implants.

The features of JW’s breast surgery

01Pioneer in endoscopic breast augmentation

M.D. Seul Chul-hwan of JW Plastic Surgery has been performing endoscopic breast augmentation since it was first introduced to Korea. Through numerous academic presentations and activities, he has contributed to spreading endoscopic breast augmentation in Korea. M.D. Seul Chul-hwan designs beautiful breasts through safe HD endoscopic breast augmentation.

02With 16 years of Experiences of Knowhow in autoplasty

Smooth liposuction

Some patients experience bumpy and uneven skin after liposuction on their thighs or abdomen. JW Plastic Surgery performs liposuction in the shape of a fan to create smooth body lines.

High survival rates through precise transfer

In traditional autoplasty procedures, a lump of fat is used for grafting. However, JW Plastic Surgery applies a micro fat transfer. After separating fat, it is grafted under the skin using a micro syringe. This procedure minimizes pain but maximizes the survival rate of transferred fat.

03Customized Breast Augmentation using a sizer

Before inserting breast implants, check the optimal breast size, breast symmetry, and detachment using a sizer.
As this step extends the surgery duration and increases the costs, many hospitals often skip it. However, JW Plastic Surgery considers this step to be very important to find the most suitable sized breast implants and obtain optimized results.

  • STEP 01

    Secure space for breast implants using HD endoscopy equipment for breast surgery.

  • STEP 02

    Insert a sizer to find appropriate-sized breast implants.

  • STEP 03

    Based on the analysis results, insert appropriately-sized breast implants.

  • STEP 04

    This method to find an appropriate size helps to create beautiful and natural-looking breasts and correct asymmetrical breasts.

04Minimized incisions, scars, and pain

JW Plastic Surgery minimizes incisions for less scarring and patient’s satisfaction and rapid recovery.

05Various breast implants

JW Plastic Surgery has various types and sizes of breast implants to find the best breast implants for each patient. In order to design beautiful breasts, we are using various breast implants of Allergan, Mentor, Silimed, Sebbin, and Polytech that have been proved safe.

We recommend combined breast augmentation to the following people!
  • 01 Those who have extremely small breasts or thin subcutaneous fat If there is a high probability that the inserted breast implants may be seen due to extremely small breasts or thin subcutaneous fat, we also conduct autoplasty for more natural-looking breasts.
  • 02 Those who have pigeon breasts or wide breastbones (sternum) If you have pigeon breasts, you cannot attain a beautiful cleavage solely though breast implants.
    Cleavage is an important element for femininity. Many women who are willing to undergo a breast augmentation want beautiful and natural-looking cleavage.
    If you have wide sternum or pigeon breasts, you cannot attain natural-looking cleavage solely through breast implants.
    In this case, we graft fat into the cleavage to create beautiful cleavage and voluptuous breasts.
  • 03 Those whose nipples are overly distant from each other If you have wide-set breasts, situating the breast implants closer to the center is not enough to correct the breast shape.
    It may instead make the nipples look more distant from each other.
    In this case, we apply combined breast augmentation to adjust the center of the nipples and breast implants and then correct the breast asymmetry with fat transfer. This way, we correct wide-set breasts.
JW’s combined breast augmentation

Beautiful cleavage project: Combined breast augmentation

If you have wide sternum, pigeon breasts, or wide-set breasts, it is difficult to create natural-looking cleavage. In combined breast augmentation, autologous fat is grafted to the empty part between the breasts to create natural-looking cleavage.

Surgical procedure
  • STEP 01

    Secure space for breast implants using endoscopy machine and predict the expected breast shape and size using a sizer.

  • STEP 02

    Reinforce soft tissues with fat transfer

  • STEP 03

    Select and insert the most suitable breast implants, considering the expected breast size and shape.

  • STEP 04

    Transfer more fat to the breasts if necessary.

* Postoperative complications such as bleeding and infection vary depending on the patient’s conditions. Pay extra attention to postoperative management.

JW’s postoperative management system

Management system after breast surgery

After breast surgery, JW provides a systematic and specialized scar treatment program and post-operative management program for optimized results.

JW’s knowhow for tip plasty!
  • 01No scarring! Scar treatment program
  • 02Postoperative management system for preventing capsular contracture, swelling, bruises, and pain
  • 03Cooperative medical system of the breast surgery team, the postoperative management team, and anesthesiologists
  • 04Use of Dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia treatment
  • 05Thorough safety management system for an immediate response to emergencies
Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case