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Breast ptosis correction "Mastopexy"

  • Surgery duration3~4 hours
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • Hospitalization1 day(including the day of the operation)
  • Removal of stitchesNot required
  • Number of
    postoperative visits
    3~4 times
  • Recovery periodReturn to normal life after 3~4 days of operation
What is breast ptosis correction "Mastopexy"?

Breast ptosis correction "Mastopexy" for resilient and natural-looking breasts

The breasts sag and the elastic fiber of breast tissues changes as a natural consequence of aging. Breast ptosis correction "Mastopexy" corrects and lifts the sagging breasts. Breast ptosis or sagging results from pregnancy, childbirth, rapid weight loss, or aging. It may ruin the breast shape and causes stress.
Breast ptosis correction "Mastopexy" can lift up and reshape the sagging breasts and reduce the enlarged areolar. This procedure is as common as breast augmentation in many advanced countries. In Korea, more and more patients undergo breast ptosis correction "Mastopexy".

The causes of breast ptosis "Mastopexy"

A diagnosis of breast ptosis

Breast ptosis can be determined by comparing the location of the nipples and the bottom line of the breasts.

The features of JW’s breast ptosis correction
  • 01Minimized tissue damages!
  • 02No sagging breasts! Beautiful and resilient breasts!
  • 03No scarring! Invisible stitches and minimized scars
  • 04No pain! Rapid recovery!
We recommend breast ptosis correction to the following people.
  • 01Those whose breasts sag with aging
  • 02Those whose breasts sag due to pregnancy and childbirth
  • 03Those whose breasts sag due to rapid weight loss
Surgical procedure

01The surgical procedures of breast ptosis correction vary depending on the degree of sagging.

  • 01 If you have small and slightly sagging breasts Your breasts can be solely corrected with breast augmentation. If breast augmentation is not enough, bi-plane breast augmentation and water breast implants are applied together. In bi-plane breast augmentation, incisions are generally made on the areolar or the bottom line of the breasts. However, JW Plastic Surgery makes minimum incisions on the armpits using an endoscopic technique. This procedure is much more effective for small and slightly sagging breasts than breasts with tight tissues and skin.
  • 02 If you have seriously sagging breasts that cannot be solely corrected with breast augmentation Several breast ptosis correction procedures should be performed together. If the breasts do not seriously sag, a crescent-shaped incision or periareolar incision is applied. If you have seriously sagging breasts, vertical incision or inverted T-shaped incision is applied.
  • 03 Breast ptosis correction and breast augmentation can be performed at the same time. If you have small and severely sagging breasts, the breasts should be lifted up and enlarged. This method is especially effective for those who have low volume in the upper part of the breasts.

02Surgical procedures by incision technique

  • Crescent-shaped incision

  • - Effective for slightly - sagging breasts

    - Minimized scars

    - Generally performed with breast augmentation
  • Periareolar incision

  • - Effective for moderately sagging breasts

    - Scars only on the areolar
  • Vertical incision

  • - Effective even for severely sagging breasts

    - More effective for creating a beautiful breast shape than periareolar incision

    - Less scars than inverted T-shaped incision
  • Inverted T-shaped incision

  • - Applicable for macromastia/breast ptosis

    - The best effects for breast ptosis correction

03Recovery from breast ptosis correction

You can leave the hospital on the day of surgery and return to normal life two or three days after an operation.
Breast ptosis correction is similar to breast reduction in many similar aspects, but it does not reduce the breast size. Therefore, you can see the progress and recover from an operation faster.

* Postoperative complications such as bleeding and infection vary depending on the patient’s conditions. Pay extra attention to postoperative management.

JW’s postoperative management system

Management system after breast surgery

After breast surgery, JW provides a systematic and specialized scar treatment program and post-operative management program for optimized results.

JW’s knowhow for Breast Ptosis correction (Mastopexy)!
  • 01No scarring! Scar treatment program
  • 02Postoperative management system for preventing capsular contracture, swelling, bruises, and pain
  • 03Cooperative medical system of the breast surgery team, the postoperative management team, and anesthesiologists
  • 04Use of Dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia treatment
  • 05Thorough safety management system for an immediate response to emergencies
Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case