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Stem cell fat transplantation

  • Surgery duration1~2 hours
  • Anesthesiaanesthesia with sedation or local anesthesia
  • Hospitalizationnot required
  • Removal of stitches1~2 weeks
  • Number of
    postoperative visits
    1~2 times
  • Recovery periodreturn to normal life 1~2 weeks after the operation
What is stem cell fat transplantation?

Stem cell fat transplantation for a real curvaceous face and clearer skin tone!

This surgery is to rejuvenate your baby face by transplanting fat cells and stem cells to your face. The high graft survival rate allows your facial volume to last longer so that in case you have weak facial elasticity and facial wrinkles, this treatment can give you an illusion of having a younger look. It enriches moisture and elasticity deeply into your skin. You can practically feel that your face has reduced in size by brighter facial tone and more three dimensional through this treatment.

Stem cell fat transplantation is recommended for
  • 01 Those who have discernible smile wrinkles and sunken cheeks
  • 02 Those who have excessive glabellar folds and sunken eyelids which cause them to appear older than their actual age
  • 03 Those whose forehead and temples are sunken so that his/her cheeks look distinctive
  • 04 Those who are experiencing an overall lack of skin elasticity
  • 05 Those who want to improve their skin tone
Operational Procedure

  • 01 Confirm the surgical area
  • 02 General anesthesia with sedation (or local anesthesia)
  • 03 Harvest fat
  • 04 Separate pure fat and stem cells
  • 05 Inject fat
  • 06 Transplant stem cells
  • 07 Complete a natural-looking baby face
The differences between conventional fat transplantation and stem cell fat transplantation

Fat is first extracted from your body, and then stem cells are separated from pure fat. After that, only the stem cells are extracted, and stem cell fat transplantation is performed.

Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case