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    Endotine Forehead Lift

    Endoscopic Forehead/Brow Lift (Endotine)

    Surgery Duration 1 ~ 2 hour(s) Anesthesia Anesthesia with sedation
    Hospitalization Not required Removal of stitches After 3~7 days of the operation
    Number of postoperative visits 2~3 times Recovery Period 1 ~ 2 weeks

    Wide Nose BridgeWhat is Endotine Forehead lift?

    Endotine Forehead lift Surgery for younger and natural-looking distinctive eyes


    If you excessively and repeatedly use your forehead muscles, then deep wrinkles are created on your forehead. Those who have deep forehead wrinkles look older than their actual ages. Plus, if you have slanted eyebrows, you may look depressed. In addition to these, if you have distinctive glabellar frown lines, you could give off a menacing look to others.
    Endotine forehead lift Surgery is an operation that lifts your sagging forehead skin so that your forehead wrinkles are diminished effectively and fundamentally. 

    In particular, Endotine forehead lift Surgery that is operated by our special endoscope can minimize scarring, as our specialists assess every single part of a surgical area via an endoscope. Plus, we can conduct a safer operation through use of the endoscope as we can avoid facial paralysis or loss of sensation by neural damages. If a patient has an excessively broad forehead, we can perform a customized operation which can help to lower the patient’s hairline at the same time.

    JW performs a safer and more accurate operation through using our state-of-the-art and highly function Full-HD Endoscope system. We provide the optimum satisfaction to our customers with our long-lasting lift effects by using our specially designed absorption fixation device (Endotine).



    Endotine Forehead Lift Surgery is recommended for :

    • 01. Those who have lots of wrinkles on their forehead and have sagging eyelids and eyebrows
    • 02. Those who have a depressed or angry facial impression due to slit eyebrows
    • 03. Those who want to remove forehead wrinkles and deep glabellar frown lines
    • 04. Those who want to reshape their prominent forehead and remove forehead wrinkles all at one time
    • 05. Those who are sick of repeated Botox treatments




    Wide Nose BridgeThe Specialty of JW’s Endotine Forehead Lift

    Endoscopic Forehead/Brow Lift (Endotine)
    • 01. The best surgery with the quality of endoscopic device 
      We use Full-HD endoscope devices, made by Germany’s Wolf Company, which exhibits a very fine and vivid images so that safer operations can be conducted without harming fine nerves and blood vessels.
    • 02. Small incision and rapid recovery 
      Our operation is performed through a tiny line of 1cm length between hairs on your forehead line so that no scars are left after an operation and rapid recovery is assured.
    • 03. No scars 
      We only use authentic Endotine products, which is a fixation device with high purity and high absorbency. Instead of using titanium screws or nylon stitch threads that are conventional fixation methods, we use biocomposite Endotine threads that are absorbed within 12 months after an operation. Thus, you are not required to come back to the clinic to remove the threads and no side effects will occur from using conventional fixation devices.
    • 04. Long-lasting effects 
      We remove the muscles of glabellar frown lines that also cause forehead wrinkles, by using an endoscope so that recurrence of forehead wrinkles are minimized and the effects last longer.
    • 05. Fast recovery 
      Rapid recovery from the operation helps you to get back to your normal lifestyle

      You can put make-up on your face right after the operation.






    Wide Nose BridgeProcedure of the Operation



    STEP 01. The operation is conducted under anesthesia with sedation and it takes about 2 hours.

    STEP 02. A total of five small incisions are made in the areas of 1 cm behind of head hairline.

    STEP 03. Looking through the endoscope, JW’s doctor detaches the skin and removes frontalis muscle that causes forehead wrinkles and muscles of glabellar frown lines.

    STEP 04. The detached skin is lifted to remove the creases and the lifted eyebrows are fixed in an ideal position.

    STEP 05. If your forehead is excessively broad, then a certain part of your forehead is removed and your hairline is pulled down.




    Wide Nose BridgePreoperative Care


    01. Please consult with your doctor about the medication you are taking.
    In particular, you must stop taking blood clot and thrombus related medications, including aspirin, Plavix, Coumadin and various painkillers, at least one (1) to two (2) weeks before an operation.

    02. You must stop taking various dietary supplements, including red ginseng, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, vitamin A/E, hormones, antibiotics, chlorella, glucosamine and Omega-3, at least one (1) to two (2) weeks before an operation.

    03. Please consult with your doctor if you are experiencing high blood pressure before an operation. You should stabilize your blood pressure before an operation.

    04. Please avoid taking an operation right before your menstrual cycle begin and/or during your menstruation.

    05. You must stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least two (2) weeks before an operation.





    Wide Nose BridgePostoperative Care


    01. You are not required to be hospitalized but are able to receive outpatient treatment.

    02. Wrap wind compression bandage around your face for one (1) or two (2) days in order to reduce swelling after operation. After one (1) or two (2) days, you can wear a simple facial mask but only while sleeping.

    03. Place your head high in order to prevent swelling and it is recommended to apply an ice pack around your face.

    04. You can return to your normal lifestyle from right after the operation, but you can shampoo your hair from the third day from the operation.

    05. All stitches will be removed after one (1) week from operation.

    06. You can experience some light pain, however, bruising, swelling and pain will be disappear within two (2) weeks.

    07. You can feel some tension around your forehead or a bit of unnatural movement or feeling, however, all of these feelings are temporary symptom and will be disappear over time.

    08. It is recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, going to a sauna, and dyeing or perming your hair for at least for one (1) month after an operation.

    ※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case