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Cure Skin What is CURE SKIN?

CURE SKIN, a way for you to create collagen in your skin and ensure long-term preservation of your baby face

CURE SKIN, which is referred to as fibroblast treatment, helps your skin to begin producing collagen fibers, including collagen and elastin, and extracellular matrix. Fibroblasts are the main connective tissue cells of dermis and main skin matrix components. Fibroblast is also known as fibrocyte. The actions of fibroblasts decrease acceleration of skin aging and it causes wrinkles on your skin. CURE SKIN is a treatment that restores your damaged skin by injecting fibroblast cells directly into your dermis around depressed acne scars.
The injected fibroblasts take hold of the treated area of your skin, allowing it to continue producing collagen over a long period of time. As time passes, the effect of the treatment becomes more evident.

Surgery Duration  30min~1hours Anesthesia  Sedation or local anesthesia
Hospitalization  not required Removal of stitches  Not required
Number of postoperative visits  3~4 times Recovery Period  Return to normal life 1~2 weeks after the operation

Cure Skin CURE SKIN is recommended for

  • 01  Those who want to correct overall facial wrinkles and to increase skin elasticity
  • 02  Those who have acne scars or scars from atopic dermatitis
  • 03  Those who want to remove wrinkles on areas, including the neck, which may be impossible to correct its wrinkles or folds using conventional treatments
  • 04  Those who want to diminish fine wrinkles on the backs of their hands
  • 05  Those whose skin is uneven or damaged by burns, skin ulcers and stretch marks


Cure Skin Operational procedure


Cure Skin
  • 01  Harvest a small amount of skin on the behind your ears
  • 02  Separate fibroblast cells from the harvested cells and culture them
  • 03  Inject fibroblast cells directly into the surgical area
  • 04  Leaves you with clean and smooth skin and a natural-looking baby face


※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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