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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction



Breast Reduction   What is breast reduction?

JW’s breast reduction that considers your health and beautiful body shape

Extremely large breasts make you look dull and informal. Heavy breasts easily sag and cause eczema and pain to the neck, back, and shoulders.
Breast reduction is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the size and shape of large and sagging breasts. Once a proper procedure is provided, patients are highly satisfied, compared to any other operations. Breast reduction, known as one of the most difficult operations in mammoplasty, should be performed by skilled specialists with extensive experience.


The causes of macromastia / breast ptosis / Breast Hpertrophy


Breast Reduction
Surgery Duration 3~4 hours Anesthesia General anesthesia
Hospitalization Not required or 1 day Removal of stitches Not required
Number of postoperative visits 3~4 times Recovery Period Return to normal life after 2~3 weeks of operation

Breast Reduction   The features of JW’s breast reduction


01 Minimized tissue damages  

In order to minimize nerve damage, we perform breast reduction accurately through monitoring the nerves and blood vessels of the breasts.


02 No giant and sagging breasts!   Imagine yourself with beautiful and resilient breasts! 

Our well-experienced specialists create resilient and natural-looking breasts.


03 No scarring!  

Breast reduction is known as a much more difficult operation than breast augmentation. Therefore, it should be performed by specialists with extensive experience to minimize scarring and maximize patient’s satisfaction.


04  No pain! Rapid recovery!  

We minimize incisions for less pain and rapid recovery from an operation.


Breast Reduction   We recommend breast reduction to the following people.

  • 01  Those who have extremely large breasts
  • 02  Those who have pains in the shoulders, neck, and back or eczema under the breasts due to macromastia
  • 03  Those who have sagging breasts due to pregnancy, childbirth, or extreme dieting


Breast Reduction   Surgical procedure

The key to the success in breast reduction is scarring. If the breast size needs to be slightly reduced, only small incisions are made around the areola. If the patient, however, has extremely large breasts, an operation may leave vertical scars on the breasts.
JW Plastic Surgery uses new breast reduction techniques that do not leave vertical scars for patient satisfaction.


Surgical procedures by incision type


Breast Reduction


Periareolar incision

– Effective for those whose breasts are not extremely large

– Short surgical duration and less scars




Breast Reduction


Vertical incision

– More effective for creating a beautiful breast shape than periareolar incision

– Less scars than inverted T-shaped incision




Breast Reduction


Inverted T-shaped incision

– Applicable for macromastia/breast ptosis- Able to reduce the largest volumeIncision without vertical scars





Breast Reduction


Incision without vertical scars

– Applicable for extremely large breasts

– No vertical scars

– The breast shape becomes slightly flat, compared to inverted T-shaped incision.



Breast Reduction   Recovery from breast reduction

  • 01.  You may experience pain for one or two days after an operation, but it can be relieved with medications.
  • 02.  Dressing is removed two days after an operation. You should wear a soft brassiere for several weeks.
  • 03.  Swelling and discoloration on the surgical sites will disappear within a few days. Stitches will be removed one week after an operation.



Breast Reduction   JW’s postoperative management system

Management system after breast surgery

After breast surgery, JW provides a systematic and specialized scar treatment program and post-operative management program for optimized results.



JW’s knowhow for Breast Reduction!

01. No scarring! Scar treatment program.

02. Postoperative management system for preventing capsular contracture, swelling, bruises, and pain

03. Cooperative medical system of the breast surgery team, the postoperative management team, and anesthesiologists

04. Use of Dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia treatment

05. Thorough safety management system for an immediate response to emergencies




Breast Reduction
※ Please note: In regards to before and after photos on this site, results may vary depending on each patients' individual case
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